Are you Looking for a Unique Cultural Experience for your KS1 & KS2 Students?

Our African workshops for primary schools have been developed to introduce elements of Ghanaian and West African culture in general, to young children

Using a fun and interactive approach our talented performers will engage and delight your pupils. With their encouragement, they will be performing skills they never knew they had in no time at all!

Great any time of the year, our African workshops for primary schools are particularly well suited to Black History Month.

Let your students gain confidence by trying new skills. We always operate in a positive, inclusive environment.

Whether learning to play the djembe, picking up some cool dance moves or playing African percussion instruments we’ll ensure every child is included.

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Capture your primary school student’s imaginations with a slice of West Africa sunshine.

Map of Ghana

Ghana, the jewel of West Africa


Our African Workshops for Primary Schools will Delight, Educate & Engage your Students

Music and celebrations are an integral part of life in Ghana.  

We focus on drumming and other percussion instruments

African dance

Circus Skills

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“Bobo’s session was brilliant and very busy: both us and our visitors were very happy with everything he did and all of his efforts and skill!”

Iain Hendry, National Science and Media Museum

We use lots of props in our African workshops for primary schools including brightly coloured fabrics, beads and musical instruments.  

Our sessions are highly interactive.

We use a supportive and encouraging approach tailored to your students skills to teach:

          How to play African drums.

          Juggling, pan spinning and other African circus skills.

          How to play African percussion instruments.

  Simple African dance moves.

Acrobatics moves such as handstands, head over heels etc.

At the end of the workshop, your students will have much about Ghanaian culture and had fun trying new skills.

We offer flexible content covering many aspects of the curriculum

Flexible curriculum based content all about life in ghana

Our cultural workshops for primary schools are an invaluable addition to your Black History month activities.  

Or use them as the focus for your International Day or Art or Cultural Weeks.  

We cover a range of cross curriculum skills and can tailor the content to meet whatever you require.  

Having lived many years in Ghana we have a wealth of information, photos and props on Ghanaian life.  

Topics such as Adinkra symbols, arts and crafts, daily life and the slave forts can all be incorporated if required. 

If you have any questions about how we can make this experience work for your pupils, please get in touch.

Let us tailor the workshops to include any of the above.

We ALWAYS aim to ensure the experience is perfect for your school

Learn about Ghanaian life with African Acrobatics Circus

We look forward to bringing some Ghanaian sunshine to your primary school

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