Our African Circus acts have been Performing all their Lives and Bringing the Fun to European Festivals since 2014

We are African circus acts who bring a slice of west african sunshine to your festival



Our amazing artistes create unforgettable displays of uniquely African skills. 

Lasting around 30 minutes long our shows effortlessly blend performance and audience participation.

Our spectacular showswill delight your all of your audiences, both young & old

The younger members of your audience will be thrilled to watch the adults doing silly dance moves.  

And the adults will be as proud as punch watching their kids spinning pans and doing basic acrobatics skills.  

We always ensure our approach is supportive and inclusive.  

Our audience members are chosen for appropriate skills.

No one is ever forced to take part or do to do something they don’t want to. 

Happy audiences are our Speciality

Fun – Engaging – Lively – Breath Taking

Set to the latest Afrobeat hits, our talented performers display their skills in an energetic and lively show.

Fast, frenetic and breath taking acrobatic moves are mixed with traditional dance

All delivered to great rhythms with big smiles

Lively and energetic, the shows are embedded with a sense of fun.

We get our audiences up and dancing along.

Or on stage showcasing their unknown or hidden talents

We offer everything you are looking for in a festival performance.

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Versatile – Flexible – Portable – Unique

Our confident and skilled entertainers will easily engage with your festival goers and draw them into their performance.

Whether you opt for a solo performance or a larger group of acrobats and musicians you will be assured a uniquely African experience.

Versatile and flexible, we have few requirements other than a sound system or a socket so we can charge ours

We have no problem with, and are used to providing all of the paperwork you require to keep your event legal & compliant

African Acrobatics Circus can perform on stage, in a field or as walkabout performers. We will make whatever works for you, work for us.

Our African Circus Acts are the perfect addition any festival, show or fete.

Magical – Mesmerising – Fantastic

When the sun goes down or on darker days African Acrobatics Circus fire displays light up the darkness and mesmerise audiences.

Perfect for winter festivals or Chrismtas Events.

We mix fire, acrobatics, limbo and dance.

Definitely not one to try at home, our fire shows are strictly non participatory!

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Festivals we’ve Performed at Previously include:

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