Have Fun, Be Energetic & Learn Something New in our fun African Circus Workshops & classes

We teach a wide range of skills including dance, afrobatics & drumming in our African Circus Workshops

Our energetic and fun African circus workshops are sure to raise a smile with both adults and children alike.

Spend an hour learning the different beats of African drumming

Spin pans, do basic acrobatics moves and try juggling in our circus workshops

Learn dance and acrobatics in our hugely popular Flips n Tricks classes

Or just to get fit by loosing yourself in Afrobeat rhythms in our brand new Afrobatics Class

Whichever you choose, your sure to have fun, get moving and do something new!

African Acrobatics Circus basic acrobatics skills workshop

Exercise is always easier when its lots of fun!

We make sure all of our classes are good for for every person who attends. Whether you are getting fitter in afrobatics, learning new skills in our African circus workshops or dancing to the beat of our drumming classes you are guarenteed a fun time!

Want something a little Different? We can tailor an African Circus Workshop unique to your needs

Let us run one of our African Workshops & Classes just for You

Or Attend one of our regular classes in Lichfield (coming soon)

Or Do an Online Class (coming soon)

Interested in Booking Us? Click Here

Why not take a chance, learn something new, get some exercise and have a good laugh in the meantime!

Ras King Bobo 1 and lots of kids from the audience on stage at Camper Jam
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